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MerryGate For 2Player


"MerryGate" is a Concentration game played between two players.

It uses original image cards of fancy creatures with a deck of 60 cards,
which are laid in 8 rows of 8 cards each(except of 4th and 5th rows of 6 cards).

In turn each player taps on two images and then their faces appear. if they are of the same then that player wins the pair and plays again.

The point depends on the distance of the pair of each card.
(e.g. a pair of 1th row 1th column card and 2th row 1th column card is 1 point).
(e.g. a pair of 1th row 2th column card and 2th row 3th column card is 2 points).

If they are not of the same card, the faces disappear and play passes to the other player with all images automatically rotated 180 degrees .

The game ends the last pair but one has been picked up(The last pair is automatically picked up). The winner is the player with higher score and is celebrated in fireworks.